The Prime of Deacon Brodie
The Confessions Of Dorian Gray X2 The Prime Of Deacon Brodie
Main character(s): Dorian Gray
Featuring: James Anderson
Main enemy: Brodie
Main setting: 1920
Main setting: Edinburgh
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish
Writer: Roy Gill
Director: Scott Handcock
Music: James Dunlop
Sound: Neil Gardner
Cover by: Stuart Manning
Release details
Story number: X2
Release date: October 2013
Production code: BFPDGDLX2
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Release order
The Picture of Dorian Gray The Mayfair Monster
Chronological order
Angel of War The Feast of Magog

Synopsis Edit

Edinburgh, 1920. Seizing upon the possibility of a reunion with his closest comrade from the trenches, Dorian arrives in the capital city of Scotland on Halloween! Guisers are out in force, disapproving gentlemen walk the streets… and a sinister department store has a great deal more on offer than it might initially advertise.

Cast Edit

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