The Enigma of Dorian Gray
Main character(s): Dorian Gray
Main setting: 1968
Main setting: Salford
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish
Writer: Roy Gill
Director: Scott Handcock
Producer: Scott Handcock
Music: James Dunlop
Sound: Neil Gardner
Release details
Story number: 4.1
Release date: November 2015
Production code: BFPDGBOX03
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Release order
Trick or Treat Freya
Chronological order
The Darkest Shadow The Abysmal Sea

The Enigma of Dorian Gray is the first story in the Series Four box set.

Synopsis Edit

Salford, 1968. Dorian returns to one of his former universities, having been summoned by his old friend, Adam Notting. Instead, he is greeted by BEAUTY: the product of Notting's research into artificial intelligence. But is BEAUTY all it seems to be? And what of the BEAST...?

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  • A free download was made available to subscribers of the Big Finish newsletter in October 2015

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