Species: Human
Job: Student
Affiliated with: Joe & Richard
First seen in: Blank Canvas

Is a student who breaks into Dorian's abandoned Mayfair house with her two friends, Richard and Joe. They explore the house only to be attacked and harassed by a being within the house. As Sophia struggles to find her friends and a way out she discovers a copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray gifted to Dorian by Oscar Wilde with an inscription stating "To Dorian Gray, may my words out live you - Oscar". She later encounters the being in the flesh who then strangles her to death..

Note: It's not entirely clear if the killer in this episode is actually Dorian as in later episodes he appears to be confused or ignorant regarding them. In addition, the killer refers to Dorian as 'he' and 'the owner of this house' implying the killer may be The Portrait rather than Dorian himself.