Species: Human
Affiliated with: Joe & Sophia
First seen in: Blank Canvas
Main actor: Edward Harrison

Richard breaks into Dorian's abandoned Mayfair house with two friends, Sophia and Joe. They explore the house only to be attacked and harassed by a being within the house. He and Sophia find a recording on Joe's phone that appears to depict his death. Richard is then offered freedom from the house if he assists the being in trapping and killing Sophia. The being betrays Richard after Richard attacks Sophia and knocks her unconscious. It lures Richard up to the roof of the house then engineers his death by encouraging him to attempt to climb down the rotted and unstable fire escape.

Note: It's not entirely clear if the killer in this episode is actually Dorian as in later episodes he appears to be confused or ignorant regarding them. In addition, the killer refers to Dorian as 'he' and 'the owner of this house' implying the killer may be The Portrait rather than Dorian himself.