Oscar Wilde
Species: Human
Job: Writer
Place of origin: England
First seen in: This World Our Hell
Appearances: One Must Not Look At Mirrors

Oscar Wilde was a friend and lover of Dorian Gray who based his infamous book on Dorian's life. He first met Dorian in a bookshop in Paris where he choose a book for Oscar. He then started a relationship with him whilst he was still married to Constance Wilde. He later met him a couple of years latter. He started to see connections between Richard Dadd's paintings and a set of murders. He initially thought that Dorian and Walter Sickert where behind the Jack the Ripper murders but when he witnessed one he realised the truth. (One Must Not Look At Mirrors)

It had been nearly a decade has passed since their last meeting and Oscar is dying in Paris.

Oscar claims his wallpaper is out to get him, at first Dorian gently scoffs at this but when Oscar insists Dorian digs deeper.

He eventually discovers that some kind of evil has taken up residence in the hotel and preys on the residents. It is unclear what specific criteria identifies persons to the force but it only takes those who are alone, single souls are vulnerable but groups are not. Dorian confirms that the hotel Manageress is complicit in the crimes of the evil and profits by selling the belongings of those that are lost.

Dorian asks Oscar's friend, freshly returned from Nice, to find a priest or someone to care for Oscar's soul before it is too late, though he stops short of advising Robert of the force within the hotel. (This World Our Hell)