Murder on 81st Street
The Confessions Of Dorian Gray 2.3 Murder On 81st Street
Main character(s): Dorian Gray
Featuring: Dorothy Parker
Main enemy: Golem
Main setting: 1939
Main setting: New York
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish
Writer: David Llewellyn
Director: Scott Handcock
Music: James Dunlop
Sound: Neil Gardner
Cover by: Stuart Manning
Release details
Story number: 2.3
Release date: August 2013
Production code: BFPDGDL08
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Release order
The Lord of Misrule The Immortal Game
Chronological order
His Dying Breath The Houses in Between
Official trailer
The Confessions of Dorian Gray Trailer Series 2 Episode 301:46

The Confessions of Dorian Gray Trailer Series 2 Episode 3

Synopsis Edit

New York, 1939. Running into his old friend Dorothy Parker on the street, Dorian finds himself accompanying her to the opening of an antiquities exhibition. But when one of the guests is murdered, Dorian and Dorothy have no choice but to find the killer before their culprit has a chance to strike again…

Cast Edit

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