Mina Harker
Main aliases: The Woman in Blue
First seen in: Frostbite

She first appears in Frostbite a free mini-episode released in December 2014.

Dorian encounters her in New York on Christmas eve in 1947 at the ice rink in Rockefeller Center. She approaches him and invites him to go skating, she turns out to be an excellent skater and take the time to help Dorian skate. She identifies Dorian as an Englishman before he speaks. Dorian then invites her for a walk in Central Park and they sit on the Whisper Bench. It begins to snow heavily and he embraces her, she says the cold no longer bothers her and kisses him. Moments later she attacks Dorian. He lies on the snowy ground poisoned by her kiss in agony. She tells him she knows who he is and states the poisoning is her opening shot. As she leaves she tells him her name. Mina Harker.