Loretta Delphine
Main aliases: Aisha Grant, Kayla Grant
First seen in: The Picture of Loretta Delphine

Loretta Delphine was a monstrous murderer. Several decades prior to 2012 Dorian teamed up with a woman named Aisha Grant after Loretta managed to infect Aisha's friends and neighbors and turn them into mindless murdering creatures. Together they defeated Loretta and her minions then trapped Loretta in a picture of herself. Years later Loretta manages to take control of Aisha, having infected Aisha with a sliver of her being prior to being bound. She uses Aisha to enact a terrible slaughter in Aisha's home in the Everglade swamps then infects Aisha's daughter Kayla. Loretta uses Kayla's body to lure Dorian to Aisha's home where she offers him a terrible bargain. If he will allow Loretta to take over his body she will subsume him and he will finally be granted restful oblivion. Playing along Dorian agrees, once Loretta enters him she is unable to take control due to his lack of a soul. Kayla had managed to exert enough control to douse her home in kerosene and prevent Loretta from cleaning it up. Dorian lights a fire and destroys Kayla's body and the photograph as Loretta tries to seek refuge in it, effectively finally killing Loretta Delphine. (The Picture of Loretta Delphine)