Kayla Grant
Main aliases: Loretta Delphine
Species: Human / Possessed Human
Job: Police Sergeant
Place of origin: Florida
First seen in: The Picture of Loretta Delphine
Main actor: Katharine Mangold

Kayla is a police sergeant in Florida and the daughter of Dorian's good friend Aisha Grant. Aisha and Dorian worked together to stop Loretta Delphine, a dangerously depraved and supernaturally powerful being, in the past. Kayla contacts Dorian after her mother's death when she learns that Loretta has escaped her bindings.

Dorian initially investigates Aisha's death only to surmise that Loretta infected Aisha with a portion of her essence when they subdued and imprisoned her in a picture of herself. That shard eventually overpowered and took over Aisha leading to a bloody massacre at her home in the Everglades. At some point Loretta then jumped into and subsumed Kayla.

Kayla managed to exert enough control to reach out to Dorian (it is implied that she reached out to Dorian prior to the posession) and douse the site of the massacre in kerosene. Unaware of her victim's plot Loretta left the kerosene in place and brought Dorian to the murder site.

Dorian figures out Kayla's plan and lulls Loretta into a sense of security by agreeing to let her take his body. Without a soul there's nothing for Loretta to anchor to, she desperately attempts to flee back to Kayla but it's too late, Kayla is dead. Dorian burns the photo of Loretta banishing her. (The Picture of Loretta Delphine)