Henry Wotton
First seen in: Displacement Activity
Appearances: The Darkest Hour
Main actor: Miles Richardson

Henry Wotton appears in Displacement Activity. He appears to be the same Lord Henry Wotton who initially lead young Dorian down a path of hedonistic corruption, however, he enigmatically states "I am exactly as I appear to be but I am also not the man you think I am.". He attends the art gallery where Victoria Lowell, Dorian, and Tobias Mathews are planning to steal the Eternity Canvas. Instead Victoria betrays Dorian and Tobias and steals the Salisbury Bloodstone for herself.

As a parting gift Victoria poisons Dorian. Tobias, out of his depth and out of his time, attempts to explain to Henry that they were set up but ends up arousing Henry's suspicions about their presence at the gallery instead. Dorian and Tobias are imprisoned while Dorian continues to suffer from the effects of the poison.

Dorian's soul from the painting escapes with Victoria's help, it then kills her and seeks out Dorian at the gallery killing two more people on the way.

Toward the end of the night Henry and Tobias have a conversation where Henry insists that he knows Tobias and Tobias knows him. He implies that he has many names and guises.

Note: It is possible that this Henry is another visage of the being 'James' from Ghosts of Christmas Past.