Gwynne Smith
Main aliases: Gwynnie, Madame Pandora
Species: Human
Job: Tarot Reader
Place of origin: England
First seen in: Pandora
Main actor: Annette Badland

Gwynne 'Gwynnie' Smith is a good hearted and well-meaning but short sighted tarot reader. After the death of her spouse she sought out numerous physical and spiritual remedies to access the unknown world. Finally she won a deck of tarot cards on Ebay, The Heart's Desire Tarot. The cards appear to be able to grant a client's heart's desire after a three card spread reading.

Dorian Gray encounters her at the behest of Victoria Lowell. He ends his reading two cards in and seeks out more information on other clients. He later returns to her and confronts her with the fates of several of her clients. They have all died violent premature deaths linked to achieving their heart's desires. Distraught Gwynne tries to deny it until her most recent client, her friend and benefactor Zak, is brutally killed in a fire in his shop where she used to hold readings.

Incensed Dorian tears into Gwynne for being a fool. At his insistence she reads him his third card which depicts two figures alternating between living flesh and rotting corpses. He takes the cards from her leaving her and throws them into the fire consuming Zak's shop. (Pandora)