Dorothy "Dottie" Parker is an acquaintance of Dorian Gray. They first met in the the 1920s when she was living on the west coast. In 1939, They met again whilst she lived in Manhattan again. At an art gallery she was introduced to Professor Bloom who told her about hi expedition in Romania. Soon after the murder of Julius Metzger occurred, a prominent fascist and Dorian and she set out to find out who murdered him. They discovered that it was the Golem of legend. Dorian stopped it from murdering anyone else, but they were soon interviewed by Detective Randall. (Murder on 81st Street)

In 1948, she asked Dorian to Hollywood to help her in adapting an Oscar Wilde play for film. She soon took him to a Walter van Kirk party. She bailed out Tommy Coogan after he crashed the party and proceeded to tell her about the child sacrifices he saw van Kirk doing. She later remembered more child deaths on van Kirk's films. She was drugged by Mary Harris and taken to van Kirk to be used as part of his religious services. (The Valley of Nightmares)