Displacement Activity
Main character(s): Dorian Gray
Featuring: Tobias Matthews Henry Wotton
Main enemy: Victoria Lowell
Main setting: London, the Urquart Gallery, 2014
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish
Writer: Scott Handcock
Director: Scott Handcock
Release details
Story number: 3.7
Part of: Series Three Box Set
Release date: 12th November 2014
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The Confessions of Dorian Gray
Heart and Soul The Darkest Hour

Displacement Activity is the seventh episode of series 3 of The Confessions of Dorian Gray and the first of the two part series finale, concluded in The Darkest Hour.


When Dorian is offered an opportunity to discover the truth behind his revival, he agrees to assist the enigmatic Victoria Lowell in stealing a supernatural artefact - the Eternity Canvas - from a exhibition celebrating the occult…

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