Constance Harker
Species: Human
Job: Governess
Place of origin: England
First seen in: Running Away with You
Appearances: Lalla Ward
Constance Harker was a governess who looked after Dorian and Isadora Gray.

History Edit

Constance came to work for the Aunt and Uncle of Dorian and Isadora in 1879 after their mother was committed to an asylum. She had an antagonistic relationship with a withdrawn, unsociable Dorian.

One time when Isadora and her Aunt took a trip to Scotland and their Uncle was away on business, Constance became very strict with Dorian, making him do gardening. That evening however, the animosity left when she oversaw him play the piano, leading to them having sex, Dorian's first time. Shortly after Constance was pushed down the stairs by a boy Dorian had sighted a couple of times earlier.

Constance's spirit still remained in the house tormented by the boy, Dorian's imaginary friend he'd never grown out of. Dorian finally realised in 2012, long after the house had been converted into flats. After realising what had happened back in 1879 and since then, he sacrificed his life and immortality to give Constance peace (Running Away with You).

Personality Edit

Constance came off as a strict woman, who didn't put up with any nonsense. She clashed with Dorian, who was noticeably anti-social and preferred to withdraw into an idealised fantasy world. She was able to anticipate and deal with Dorian's attempts to rebel against her authority such as running away, suggesting her harsh personality had inspired similar attempts in other people.

Constance also had a softer side. She had a soft spot for music, Dorian's impromptu recital being the few times they weren't at odds with each other.

Notes Edit

  • Constance is played by Lalla Ward, best known for playing Romana on Doctor Who during 1979-1981 and reprising the role for Big Finish under both the Doctor Who banner and the audio spin-off Gallifrey