Alan Campbell
Species: Human
Job: Chemist
Place of origin: England
First seen in: The Picture of Dorian Gray
Appearances: Ghosts of Christmas Past
Main actor: Ian Hallard
Other actors: Richard Nichols

Alan Campbell was an acquaintance of Dorian Gray's while Dorian was first living in Mayfair and spending time with Lord Henry Wotton and Basil Hallward. After Dorian murders Basil in a fit of spiteful rage he blackmails Alan into destroying Basil's body using his skills as a chemist. In the Confessions series it is revealed that Alan has an illegitimate daughter, Gemma Martindale, and presumed that her existence is the information Dorian used to enlist Alan's assistance. In the Big Finish audio adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray, Alan and Dorian have a sexual liaison in Cairo. It is possible both events occur but Alan feared the revelation of his daughter more than the liaison as revealing the sexual liaison would, at the time, have potentially been as damaging to Dorian as Alan.